Saturday, 30 January 2016


How can I help myself?

If you are feeling suicidal don’t try to cope alone. Sometimes problems seem insurmountable or the mental anguish is unbearable – share how you feel with someone else:
  • Talk to someone – talking to a family member or a friend or a colleague can bring huge relief. A pastor, minister, priest or any other spiritual figure are useful sources of support
  • Talk to a helpful advisor – by phoning in complete confidence and anonymity a helpline such as Breathing Space, the Samaritans, Childline etc
  • Talk to your doctor – if you are going through a longer period of feeling low or suicidal, you may be suffering from clinical depression
  • Talk to your mental health care team – if you are already seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist or community psychiatric nurse
  • Contact emergency services – are you at high risk at this time of killing yourself? Do you have a plan and the means to complete suicide?

What can I do to help someone who may be suicidal?

  • Most important – treat the person seriously
  • Be direct and talk openly about suicide and don’t avoid the issue
  • Be sure and willing to listen and accept the individual’s feelings
  • Be non-judgmental and don’t debate the rights or wrongs of suicide
  • Be there for the person and be involved
  • Don’t dare them to do it
  • Don’t act shocked
  • Don’t be sworn to confidentiality and seek support
  • Offer hope that alternatives are available
  • Take action by removing any means they may have to complete suicide
  • Get assistance from appropriate support agencies.