Thursday, 18 February 2016

The fact that Onision's fanbase is predominantly young, impressionable girls legitimately scares me. His views on mental illness are unhelpful, damaging and close to aggressive. Telling young people who are possibly dealing with self harm/self injury, other destructive behaviours and depression to take themselves to a mental institution is beyond ridiculous. That's incredibly ableist and insensitive. 

As featured on @onisiondrama, Onision believes that Women who have difficulty coping with the long term effects of sexual abuse/assault & other traumatic events (ie., self-injurious behaviour) or women struggling with eating disorders, or women who have “daddy issues” (apparently a lot of women have daddy issues according to Dr. Onision). Bullshit. Way to generalize people and also be fucking insensitive to anyone that has experienced family abuse. Don't get me started on how he only deems abuse as being solely physical. 

I'll add more later but i'm pissed off even thinking about such views.