Thursday, 29 September 2016

DIY: Distraction Box

A distraction box, or self harm survival kit, is just that - a box full of things to distract you from self injuring. You can put anything in there that you like, and can decorate the box however much you want to. Some things that we think could help include:

    Stress balls
    Pen and paper
    Chamomile tea bag (renowned for relieving stress apparently)
    Bubble wrap
    Positive quotes
    Funny cartoons (laughter is best medicine)
    Phone numbers, useful websites
    Photos or pictures that mean something to you
    Sudoku or little puzzle games
    Positive stories from others
    Questions to ask yourself before you self harm
    Some riddles
    Essential oil scents like lavender, clary sage and rosemary, all good for anxiety, depression type symptoms
    A rubix cube
    Jokes - silly simple jokes that make people laugh because they're so cheesy!
    Bubble wrap
    A cuddly toy
    Small colouring book and pencils
    Photos of relaxing scenes - mountains, rivers, etc.
    Question/therapy/avoidance cards that say things like 'Do I really want to do this?' or something supportive
    Your favourite film - something you always enjoy watching
    A good (but non triggery) book
    A CD of uplifting music
You could also include things like question cards, useful contact numbers and others coping skills to help examine why you self harm, and maybe get you on the road to stopping.